International Chemical Industry

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About Us


We lead this industry in the sale of first class counterfeit currencies which include:

  • USD – US Dollar
  • EUR – Euro,
  • GBP – British Pound,
  • CAD – Canadian Dollar,
  • AUD – Australian Dollar,
  • CHF – Swiss Franc,
  • AED – Emirati Dirham,
  • etc.


Our Specialists


Our company has got the best trained and professional technicians.


We as well offer automatic “3D” cleaning machines to do the huge.


Our Laboratory has years of experience producing and supplying high..


International Chemical Industryhas over 220 guest researchers annually. Our company’s team are available to train researchers to conduct systematic effective fieldwork.

We’ve qualified and data base diplomatic technicians who are specialized in the production and processing of high quality SSD supreme chemicals solution

With International Chemical Industry, you will get a 24/7 customer service assist is who are steadily ready to assist you with any needs you may at any point required.